Family-friendly Bad Things?


Summer has arrived in Seattle and last week’s show at the Rogue & Peasant kicked it in with a vengeance! We got a couple more for the summer season and the next one will happen next Saturday, July 7th at The Q Cafe in Magnolia. This is part of a great series of matinees that Artist Home is putting on that brings bands that grown-ups love into a kid-friendly environment.

As all you parents out there know, seeing great live music gets harder and harder once kids come along. It can be painful to see “kid-friendly” bands when you’re a discerning music lover with eclectic tastes. Well, no worries! These shows are for you. They happen on Saturdays between 4 and 7pm so you can rock out with your kids and then get them home in time for a proper bedtime.

Now, I know a lot of you out there have the crazy idea that we aren’t such a family friendly band, but kids love us and we promise to curtail some of our raunchier material and language. Our singer Jimmy the Pickpocket’s 17-month old boy Desmond will be rocking out in the front row with all the other kiddies so you know he’ll have to behave.

Opening the show will be one of our favorite local bands at the moment, Nu Klezmer Army so this is a no-brainer. Even if you don’t have kids you can come out, see great music and then go out for a night on the town. We only have one other show this summer and that’s not until August so come out and enjoy. You can get more information and RSVP here.

The Bad Things perform with #ska legends this Saturday!

With The Castaways at The Neptune Theater.

Wow. What a month it’s been. Incredible lows and highs. The lows were talked about in our previous post, the highs were all the amazing celebrations of love and life we were lucky enough to have been a part of, Hales Palladium, The Neptune and then the other night at Conor Byrnes and The Tractor. Thanks to all our fellow friends and musicians that shared the stage with us. It was fantastic to have everyone together for such an important cause. Don’t forget, you can still donate by clicking on the widget to the right. The families of the victims and the lone survivor could really use it.

But, no worries, because the beat goes on and we got a show coming up this Saturday with some of our favorite rude boys. Opening the night will be Eugene’s ska kings, The Longshots and then Seattle’s own rocksteady rulers The Georgetown Orbits with an extra special appearance by none other than Lynval Golding of 2 Tone Ska legends The Specials! Also, our buddy Bill Geoghegan of Notables/Stingers/Contra Coup fame will be holding down the keys. As many know, we’re big fans of classic Jamaican music and it’s going to be a blast to get our dance on before we hit the stage. It all goes down at the Rogue & Peasant in Fremont, this Saturday, the 23rd. See you on the dance floor. More info here.

After that, on Saturday, July 7th, we got the Artist Home Family Matinee with our buddies in Nu Klezmer Army and then nothing ’til August. Summer vacation! See you guys at one of these fine events. Onwards and upwards!

Record Player added to our website. Album favorites and rare tracks!

That’s right folks! We’ve added a Record Player to our site that allows you all to listen to highlights from each of our albums and share them to your hearts content via our SoundCloud page. You can also comment on different sections of the song, so you can say “Hate that banjo solo” or “Oh god help me, not another song with accordion” or “Are you serious?” You get the picture. Just go to Record Player in the menu bar and either pick an album from the drop-down menu or click on the picture of the phonograph and it’ll take you to our SoundCloud page.

Also, there’s a section called “Rarities and Oddities” which will feature rare Bad Things tracks, live tracks, new songs….hell, we may even throw up some song ideas we’ve been kicking around. In fact, there’s a brand new song up there right now. Enjoy!

P.S. This WordPress site should soon be living at It looks promising. Cross your fingers.

Podcast Tonight. Show Friday! #SporkestraBadThingsEbola

Well, life is certainly different now that we’re big TV stars. We can barely walk down the street without being mobbed. It’s crazy!

Not really but we can dream can’t we? If you missed the show, you can watch the highlights online. Here’s us doing Georgia Lee Is Dead. And, here we are premièring our new song Not Tonight. And here’s the whole darn show.

Tonight at 7pm, we’ll also be featured on the online radio station 1337ology Radio courtesy of our buddy Josh Black AKA Ronald McFondle’s brand new podcast Reversible Battlemat. This is their debut show and Josh will feature a musical act every week. We’re honored to be featured on their grand debut. Remember, that’s tonight, Tuesday, April 3rd at 7pm PST.

Then, of course, this Friday, we’ll be causing havoc and getting rowdy with our buddies Titanium Sporkestra at the Columbia City Theater.

Quite a week for us Bad Things!

Danbert Nobacon/Bad Things collaboration out October 19th!!

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it friends?  The Bad Things have been busy little beavers during this last spring and summer.  Playing some low-key gigs with our new member, writing a ton of new material, and gearing up for the release of our new CD with Danbert Nobacon coming out on October 19th on Verbal Burlesque records.  The cover art is above and was done by Danbert.  Here’s a little blurb about it from the press release: Continue reading

Welcome Brendan to The Bad Things!

Photo by Dimitri Nishman

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while.  The Bad Things have been busy wood-shedding and working on some new tunes.  Moving into some ska, soul, and old country sounds.  We’ve been having a great time with our newest addition, Brendan Patrick Hogan of Miss Mamie Lavona’s White Boy Band on trumpet and keys.  He’s pictured above playing with us at the Showbox At The Market this past St. Patty’s Day. Continue reading

Miss Funi has left the building!

We are sad to announce that our lovely female singer/boob basher Miss Funi La Fantastica has decided to leave the ranks of The Bad Things to focus more fully on her sure-to-be-successful writing career.  While we’re sad to lose her, we wish her all the best of luck in her future endeavors.  It’s been a great 4 years Funi, you will be missed. Continue reading

Bad Things winter report!

Well friends,

It was one hell of a fall here in Seattle.  We did our run of The Breaking at the Can Can, we recorded an album with Danbert Nobacon of Chumbawamba and rocked the great little town of Twisp, we got to play for The Tiger Lillies (a huge influence on us), we did our 6th Annual Cabaret Macabre in a swanky theatre this time instead of in a stinky bar (I think we’ll do a stinky bar again next year…much more fitting), and we got to the grace the stage of the Moore Theatre as part of the First Annual Seattle International Cabaret Festival.  Go Bad Things!

So now we’re catching our breath, hunkering down, and starting to work on new material.  We’re not planning on doing any shows until March or so but would like to get down to Portland since it’s been a while.  Possibly San Fran in the spring as well. Continue reading

Bad Things reporting from summer hiatus….

Hey all,

How’s the summer going?  Things are good here in the land of the Bad Things.  We usually lay low in the summer and get our strength back up for the fall and winter and it looks like it’s going to be a busy one this year.

First of all we got Miss Funi’s book “A Haunted Half-Life at Jules Maes Saloon” coming out this fall on Sabella Press.  We’re having a big ‘ol party at Jules Maes with The Wages of Sin on September 11th to celebrate.  This is your chance to pick up a copy and get it signed by the author, the incredibly talented Miss Funi.  She’ll be doing other signings around town and around the country and we’ll keep you as informed as we can about her book and her new life as a…ahem….serious artist. Continue reading

Bad Things spring report…..

Howdy fans!

Well, we’ve been laying low for the last month or so….writing some new songs that are sounding great and getting ready for Folklife which is coming right up.  It’ll be our fourth year at Folklife and this year we’ll be playing on Sunday, May 24th in the afternoon (1:40pm to be exact) on the Fountain Lawn stage.  Bring the kiddies…this is pretty much the only all-ages show we do during the year and it’s FREE for christ’s sake (although I do suggest donating!)  Then that evening we’ll be throwing our third annual Folklife afterparty at The Can Can with The Bad Mitten Orchestre from Eugene (amazing), Miss Oblivious who will be showing her latest cinematic masterpieces, The Can Can Castaways with The Bad Things, and the always incredible Orkestar Zirkonium closing out the night.  Whew….I got a hangover just thinking  about it. Continue reading