Bad Things winter report!

Well friends,

It was one hell of a fall here in Seattle.  We did our run of The Breaking at the Can Can, we recorded an album with Danbert Nobacon of Chumbawamba and rocked the great little town of Twisp, we got to play for The Tiger Lillies (a huge influence on us), we did our 6th Annual Cabaret Macabre in a swanky theatre this time instead of in a stinky bar (I think we’ll do a stinky bar again next year…much more fitting), and we got to the grace the stage of the Moore Theatre as part of the First Annual Seattle International Cabaret Festival.  Go Bad Things!

So now we’re catching our breath, hunkering down, and starting to work on new material.  We’re not planning on doing any shows until March or so but would like to get down to Portland since it’s been a while.  Possibly San Fran in the spring as well.

The Danbert Nobacon/Bad Things collaboration should be coming out in the Spring so keep your eyes peeled for that.  We’ll have a link in our “merch” page when it’s released.  Danbert wrote it and it’s an amazing time-traveling, apocalyptic, spy-love story that’s way too complex to explain right now.  The album sounds great and was engineered by our buddy Mark Miller of Luminant Audio, who also engineered “Vaudeville Show.”  We recorded it at The Tank which was the studio of beloved Seattle sound engineer Tom Phaeffle, who was tragically gunned down in Twisp this last summer.  Felt good to be making music in there and keeping his spirit alive.

Miss Funi’s book also came out this fall and it’s been doing great.  Copies are still available at Sabella Press and it’s a hell of a read.  You should also check out her website and check out her latest misadventures, literary or otherwise.  I hear a book based on The Bad Things is in the works.  Sounds like trouble.

I also got to check out Mad Wilcox’s new band, Robert Rial’s Bakelite 78 during the Cabaret Festival and loved their naughty, old-time vibe.  Mad Wilcox plays upright bass, sousaphone, and, of course, a little musical saw.  Speaking of, he was recently featured in The Stranger explaining his technique.

We also managed to get Stanislav the Gypsy, our illustrious guitarist and mandolin player, to bring his YouTube sensation Throbosho! to the stage as part of Cabaret Macabre this year.  I gotta say, it was freakin’ hilarious.  I want to see more of these guys on stage and if you haven’t witnessed their seriously messed up sketch comedy, check it out here.

That’s it for us for now but we’ll be back in the Spring!  Keep your eyes peeled my friends!


The Bad Things

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