Record Player added to our website. Album favorites and rare tracks!

That’s right folks! We’ve added a Record Player to our site that allows you all to listen to highlights from each of our albums and share them to your hearts content via our SoundCloud page. You can also comment on different sections of the song, so you can say “Hate that banjo solo” or “Oh god help me, not another song with accordion” or “Are you serious?” You get the picture. Just go to Record Player in the menu bar and either pick an album from the drop-down menu or click on the picture of the phonograph and it’ll take you to our SoundCloud page.

Also, there’s a section called “Rarities and Oddities” which will feature rare Bad Things tracks, live tracks, new songs….hell, we may even throw up some song ideas we’ve been kicking around. In fact, there’s a brand new song up there right now. Enjoy!

P.S. This WordPress site should soon be living at It looks promising. Cross your fingers.