Bad Things reporting from summer hiatus….

Hey all,

How’s the summer going?  Things are good here in the land of the Bad Things.  We usually lay low in the summer and get our strength back up for the fall and winter and it looks like it’s going to be a busy one this year.

First of all we got Miss Funi’s book “A Haunted Half-Life at Jules Maes Saloon” coming out this fall on Sabella Press.  We’re having a big ‘ol party at Jules Maes with The Wages of Sin on September 11th to celebrate.  This is your chance to pick up a copy and get it signed by the author, the incredibly talented Miss Funi.  She’ll be doing other signings around town and around the country and we’ll keep you as informed as we can about her book and her new life as a…ahem….serious artist. Continue reading