Fire Fundraiser on #Indiegogo is Live!

Many of you know that back in May, The Bad Things lost their beloved practice space and a large amount of equipment and memorabilia to an overnight fire (see more here). Given all the recent tragedies that have struck our music scene here in Seattle, we have been  slow at organizing a way to recoup some of our losses. But, today we are launching an Indie Go Go campaign to help us replace some of our lost equipment so that we can proceed with our plans to record our fourth album in the Fall.

The fundraiser features tons of great perks like a pre-released copy of the new album once it’s completed, merch, signed CDs, a night out with the band, a private show, and more. We are asking for only half of the dollar amount of what was lost since this should be enough for us to get back to business without spending the money that we’d set aside for the new release.

We’ll be running the campaign for the next couple months, so if you’re low on cash now, wait until you can comfortably contribute. If you have friends that love the band, let them know about the campaign. Spread the word, contribute, get some great stuff and know that you’re helping some folks through a very difficult time. We’ll not only pay you back with the perks, but will give you many more years of junkyard cabaret in return.

Visit the campaign page here and contribute today!



A sad day for The Bad Things. A fire took out our Georgetown clubhouse. We loved this space. It was our home. Our safe haven for the better part of the last decade. Not only did we lose many memories, memorabilia and some equipment, our drummer Lord Kamke lost pretty much all of his worldly possessions, including his beloved drum kit.  Our good friends the Jesus Chords lost almost all of their equipment. The outpouring of support on Facebook has been overwhelming and humbling. It sounds like some fundraisers are in the works already and that means so much to all of us. We’ll be meeting in a couple days after the shock has subsided somewhat to decide how we want to proceed but we just wanted to say “THANK YOU”  from the bottoms of our hearts. It’s amazing that this little old drunken polka band can receive such an outpouring of support. It almost seems that all our naive belief in the power of art and expression weren’t in vain after all. We love you all! Ashes to ashes, Wilcor….we’ll miss you!