Bad Things spring report…..

Howdy fans!

Well, we’ve been laying low for the last month or so….writing some new songs that are sounding great and getting ready for Folklife which is coming right up.  It’ll be our fourth year at Folklife and this year we’ll be playing on Sunday, May 24th in the afternoon (1:40pm to be exact) on the Fountain Lawn stage.  Bring the kiddies…this is pretty much the only all-ages show we do during the year and it’s FREE for christ’s sake (although I do suggest donating!)  Then that evening we’ll be throwing our third annual Folklife afterparty at The Can Can with The Bad Mitten Orchestre from Eugene (amazing), Miss Oblivious who will be showing her latest cinematic masterpieces, The Can Can Castaways with The Bad Things, and the always incredible Orkestar Zirkonium closing out the night.  Whew….I got a hangover just thinking  about it.

On a related note, Jimmy the Pickpocket will be performing in Vince Mira‘s band at the Sasquatch Music Festival on Saturday, the 23rd.  Vince is the first act on Saturday on the Main Stage.  Come by and say hello if you’re gonna be at the festival and check Vince out, his new songs are incredible.

Other than that we’ll be relatively mellow through the summer.  We are throwing a big old party at Slim’s Last Chance with crazy-ass experimental metal band Hunab Ku opening and more to be announced.  They got an outdoor stage that’s basically a flat-bed pickup truck and we can’t wait to spill drinks all over it in the summer sun.  Hoping to get some killer gypsy DJ’s to close out the night in a sweaty summer dance party.  Come down on July 11th to Slim’s Last Chance on First Avenue South in Georgetown and celebrate the sun in Seattle.

That’s it for the summer but we got a crazy fall coming up.  First of all and most importantly, Miss Funi is having her first novel published!  Well not her first, but her first to be published.  A ghost story set in Georgetown!  She’ll be having book signings around the northwest and we’re gonna throw a big old bash to celebrate this momentous occasion in early September.  The book takes place at Jules Maes Saloon in Georgetown so I have a feeling that’s where the book release will be.  Stay tuned!

We’ll be bringing The Breaking back for a limited two week run at The Can Can in the last couple weeks of September.  Can’t wait for that.

In early October we’ll be heading into the studio with Danbert Nobacon (formerly of Chumbawamba) as his backing band for his next solo album.  A true honor!  Check him out at

Then, of course, it’s Halloween and our 6th annual Cabaret Macabre.  Still working the details out on that one.  We’re not even sure where we’re gonna have it to be honest, but I’m sure it will be stellar as always.

On November 11th-15th will be the first annual Seattle International Cabaret Festival.  So far we have some amazing acts booked for a festival that will include 4 venues:  The Can Can, The Showbox in the Market, ACT Theater, and The Triple Door.  Jimmy the Pickpocket’s been asked to curate a PunKabaret night and The Bad Things will be featured prominently throughout the festival and we have interest from some major national acts.  We don’t want to spill the beans yet but this is going to be an incredible event!  Mark your calendars.  November 11th-15th.

Then hopefully, we can start working on album #4.  We’re anxious to record these new tracks.  There’s been discussion of bringing The Breaking and The Bad Things over to the UK and Europe sometime in the near future.  We’ll let you know what transpires but it’s looking promising.

We hope to see you all in the northwest region soon at one of the two shows we have coming up  before fall.  If not, gear up for a crazy fall of post-apocalyptic cabaret and general rowdyness.  Can’t wait!


The Bad Things

1 thought on “Bad Things spring report…..

  1. hey, its casey fitz from the can can. living in tucson now. it was nice to hear your music again. keep up the good work, hope to be in seattle soon.

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