Feelin’ Fine in ’09!!!

jamesfinalHey ya’ll!  Well here’s another update on what’s going on in the land of The Bad Things.  We’re about to get really busy here in March with a bunch of shows coming up and there’s lots of exciting things on the horizon as well.

First off, we’ll be heading up to Bellingham, one of our favorite little Northwest towns.  We’re doing a writing retreat but are also playing at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern on Friday, the 13th with the lovely ladies of Dirty Bird Cabaret joining us.  Then we’ll be at The Tractor Tavern with our good buddies Yogoman Burning Band and Lonesome Shack.  Always fun!  Then, Washington Ensemble Theater and ACT Theater are  inviting us into the swanky confines of their Bullit Theater to perform a set as part of their Dirty Debutantes Ball.  This will certainly be a beautiful room to experience The Bad Things in….plus your cover gets you drinks and food!  That’s on Saturday, the 28th of March and is not to be missed.  More information and advanced tickets can be purchased at www.acttheatre.com

Then, we have a really exciting weekend with our favorite Russian-cabaret band from Portland, Chervona and once again we get to collaborate with the amazing Danbert Nobacon, formerly of UK anarcho-pop band Chumbawamba.   Chervona throws an April Fools show every year in Portland and this year they’ve invited us, so we invited them to bring the show to Seattle.  It’s a regular ol’ Northwest mini-tour.  We got DJ Global Ruckus spinning the Balkan beats, MC Noah Mickens, Dingo the Clown, Dancing Mermaids, Nerds on Wheels, and much, much more.  I’m getting my liver primed now ’cause this one’s gonna be a doozy!  Advanced tickets will be available soon.  The show in Portland will be at Dante’s and the show in Seattle will be at The Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater and Grotto.  While we got lots of room at Dante’s, the Jewelbox is a little more cramped so if you want to go to this show in Seattle, get advanced tickets!  I’ll post it here and on our shows page when they become available.

Then, it’s Folklife and our infamous party at the Can Can on Sunday, May 24th.  Still working on the lineup but it’s gonna be a blast as always.  Speaking of The Can Can, it sounds like The Bad Things and The Castaways are gonna be bringing back their amazing hit stage show “The Breaking” in the Fall of 2009 for a limited one-month run getting us primed up for the Seattle International Cabaret Festival that will be happening in November.  Details are pretty nil on this one right now, but I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.  Keep your ears pricked my friends!

Did you check out the killer photo of us up above.  That comes courtesy of our friend Olug Benro.  Olug has such a killer style of photography and you all should definitely check out his shit at: www.olugbenrophotography.com

We dug his style the minute we saw it and I’m sure those of you in Seattle have seen his images around town.  We met him a few years back when he photographed us for a story in Seattle Magazine about the local cabaret scene that never came out.  I’m trying to get my hands on the pictures he did back then ’cause those were great and they had our old MC Danny Dead in ’em.  He contacted us and shot us in our practice space.  Bet you didn’t know we had a forest in our practice space.  Well we do….so there!

So, yeah, that’s a rundown on our latest activities.  I hope to see some of ya’ll out at the shows and for those of you far from the beautiful Northwest, we’ll be seeing you soon!

Cheers, The Bad Things

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