Happy New Year from us Bad Things!

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year to all you  out there.  It’s lookin’ like it’ll be an exciting year in Bad Things land.  We’ve been working hard on writing some new material so haven’t been booking a whole lot for ’09 but we have a show coming up in January at one of our favorite venues The Tractor with the great Mamie Lavona and Golden Robot Army and another Tractor show in March.  We’re also working on getting down to Portland here in the spring with Danbert Nobacon.   Also some talk of some April Fools shows with Chervona from Portland and another possible collaboration with the Can Can’s Castaways.

The new stuff is sounding amazing…we’re really excited to play it live but we’re waiting until they’re just right!  Someone had commented on the earlier post on whether or not we’ll post lyrics on the website and I think that’s a good possibility but in the meantime send us requests for songs that you want lyrics to and we’ll post ’em on this blog.  He also wanted us to come out to Chicago and all I can say is we’ll do our best.  Due to busy lives we rarely get opportunities to tour but Chicago and New York are two towns that we are dying to play so keep checking the blog and we’ll let you know when we get a plan to get out your way.

Thanks to everyone that’s bought the new CD.  Please let us know what you think.  We have gotten very little feedback from folks on it and we’re always curious as to what our fans think of our new tunes.

That’s it for now my friends but keep listening and bloggin’ and coming out to the shows!  We love you guys!


The Bad Things

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from us Bad Things!

  1. I’m surprised that you haven’t had much feedback. This new album feels like a return to the atmosphere from your self-titled album. Vaudeville Show was excellent, but it felt limited by the theme you had given it. It’s hard to explain, but the first album and this new one just seem to go together much better. A return to your roots, or some such.

    Eh, staying up for three days in a row wreaks havoc on my language skills. Let’s just say that you’re doing stellar work, and only getting better with time. Cheers.

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