New website and now a chance to chat with us outside of MySpace!

Hey everyone!

Check out our new website.  Pretty freakin’ fancy eh?  We’re pretty happy with it and we got Krisitn Robinson to thank for it.  Everyone should go check out her other work at Thanks Kristin!  You rule, it was definitely time.

As far as other news goes, thanks for all of you that came out to the Halloween show and feel free to post any photos you may have.  The great thing about this blog space is that now we can interact outside of MySpace land on our own private Bad Things land!

We got a ton of shows coming up in December so come out to those and we’ll be keeping you updated on our activities via this blog from time to time.  We’ve been tossing around a New York trip.  What do you think?

Cheers,  The Bad Things

3 thoughts on “New website and now a chance to chat with us outside of MySpace!

  1. Jimmy jimmy jimmy. jason ? here I am in Seattle for a few days on my way back to Canada. Want to see you any chance you can put me and one of my wussy brothers on the list for this thursday in Freemont? email me your phone number. I don’t have a phone. or got time for coffee later this week?

  2. Awesome stuff. I wish you guys would come to Chicago sometime.
    Any chance you’ll be putting up lyrics? Hard to drunkenly sing along when one doesn’t know all the words.

  3. Hey Nate!

    We’ll try to get out there soon. As far as lyrics go, we’ll work on getting them posted but if you’re wondering about specific songs, let us know which lyrics you want and we’ll post ’em on this blog. Thanks for drunkenly singing along though…come out to Seattle sometime and we’ll buy you a drink! TBT

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