Toy Pianos, Accordions and Drunken Revelry!

On Sunday, March 11, 2012, The Columbia City Theater will host an eclectic evening featuring Seattle’s The Bad Things, Bay Area chanteuse Eliza Rickman and the Toy-Box Trio. Each of these artists has recently gain notoriety in the neo-cabaret and steampunk communities but labeling them as “steampunk” is doing each a serious disservice. Their music transcends overnight trends, infused with a hard-won authenticity that’s hard to find amongst the goggle and corset set. Continue reading

Coming Up in March! The Bad Things with Eliza Rickman and Toy Box Trio!

We’re proud to announce another upcoming show on March 11 with Eliza Rickman and Toy Box Trio. It’ll all take place within the swanky confines of The Columbia  City Theater. Check out Eliza’s video for her song “Cinnamon Bone.” Simply gorgeous.