Cabaret Macabre Next Week!

PrintTen years ago, we had the bright idea to throw a weird-ass Halloween party. At the first Cabaret Macabre, we rolled into Georgetown after a crazy night in Portland, playing at Porky’s in Northeast with Reverend Glasseye. Our old banjo player showed up to the gig drunk and ended up attempting some acrobatics off of a table at Porky’s, which ended with him landing squarely in Glasseye’s drum kit! We always knew how to make a good impression on a national act.

So, it was with crippling hangovers that we started this now decade-old celebration in a raw, warehouse space featuring a fine collection of all our weirdo friends. The first one was ramshackle, but somehow, perfect. It was so good that there are folks that have attended every year and since then, it’s been held at Jules Mae’s in Georgetown, the Rendezvous, ACT Theater and, for the last three years, Columbia City Theater.

Here’s Iva Handfull in 2010 at the Columbia City Theater. She’ll be joining us again this year!

We really wanted to re-capture the party vibe of that first year and so FRED Wildlife Refuge seemed like a logical fit as it provided an appropriately eclectic and festive vibe and gave us lots of nooks and crannys to fill.

We’ll be turning the upstairs into a sweaty cabaret, and the evening will kick off with burlesque, bellydance, fire performance and the alcohol-soaked klezmer of Nu Klezmer Army. We’ll also have a Day of the Dead alter set up for attendees to leave notes and momentos* to lost loved ones. Kook Teflon will also be selling commemorative candles.

Things will then move into the main room for the legendary Baby Gramps and, of course, The Bad Things featuring projected images of all sorts of disturbing things and special guest aerialist Michele Frances, dancers Miss J9 Fierce & Diva Le Deviant and the return of Herr Doppleganger, arch villain from our cabaret show The Breaking, acting as MC. Also joining The Bad Things on female vocals will be Melissa Cerise Bullock of Bat Country/Glenn or Glennda? fame.

When our set is done, we’ll hand it over to Electro-Balkan dance band EurodancepartyU$A!, who will bring us into the early evening with turbo-charged Roma beats!

This is going to be the best one yet kiddies and our last appearance in Seattle for a little while. For full details go here. For tickets go here….and hurry up because there aren’t many left. Doors are at 7pm. Nu Klezmer Army starts rockin’ at 8pm. Costumery and Day of the Dead pageantry highly encouraged. See you there!

* Please only leave disposable momentos on the altar as it will be broken down at the end of the night. Notes, drawings, candles, etc.

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