Punk As Folk TONIGHT!

Punk As Folk 2013Hard to believe that it was a year ago that we played at The Funhouse with Professor Gall, Red Stitch Circus Phenomenon and God’s Favorite Beefcake, on what would be their last show. But, here we are again. Punk As Folk 2013!

The Funhouse is gone, our boys our gone but the music lives on. This year, I compressed the lineup to the cream of the crop from last year’s four day extravaganza. The legendary Blackbird Raum, our home town buddies The Mongrel Jews, San Francisco’s amazing Sour Mash Hug Band, our co-conspirator and folk punk legend Danbert Nobacon (who will also be acting as MC for the evening) and, closing out the night, your Bad Things. Also, a young lady named Porch Cat will be busking out front…who knows, we might even join her.

This is our last show until our 11th Anniversary blow-out on Thursday, June 27 which gets more and more loaded with guests from all over the country every minute. This will be one for the history books. Remember, $1 of advanced ticket sales goes to benefit the families of the victims of the Cafe Racer shootings, so get a discounted cover, help some folks in need during what is sure to be a painful time of year, and guarantee that you won’t come face to face with a “Sold Out” sign when you show up.

I’ll see you “folkers” at The Comet tonight!

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