The Bad Things 3.0

Has it really been two years since we posted here? Is that right? It’s like there was a worldwide pandemic or something. The pandemic impacted us as it did many of you and we had two members get the hell out of Dodge (or Seattle in this case): bass player Mad Wilcox moved to Portland and banjo extraordinaire Captain Panto to the sunny climes of Mexico.

Austin is still willing to commute but we found a new (or old) banjo slinger in Professor McBee, original Bad Things banjo player circa 2002-2004. That’s him you hear on the first album. Since Captain Panto has big shoes to fill, we also added a guitarist in Devin Carlen (Bad Things nickname forthcoming). We knew him when he was in the great band from back in the day Gunstreet Glory. He was a natural fit with the band’s sound and aesthetic and we can’t wait for you to hear him.

You can witness this new lineup on Friday, May 26th at the Rabbit Box Theatre in the Pike Place Market – former home of Patti Summers Cabaret and, most recently, the Can Can Cabaret. Both were regular haunts of the Bad Things of yore and it’ll be a hoot returning to the scene of the crime(s). Better yet, the show is all ages until 11pm PST. If there are some young Bad Things fans out there that have always wanted to witness us live, now’s your chance. You can get tickets here, which we recommend given the limited capacity.

So glad to be back and expect much more action on the show and new song front now that we have a hungry and excited new lineup. See you all on the 26th!

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