Rockin’ the South End in February

348sBeen a while since we’ve posted on the old website but don’t fear, we’re still around. Just don’t get around much anymore, as Duke Ellington once said.

We’ll be rearing our ugly old heads in February at our favorite dive bar on the banks of the old Duwamish, Lucky Liquor. This one is just us all night long. Our last few shows have been with no support and we’ve found it works well for us. We get to dust off old classics, play our favorite covers and by the time the second set rolls around, we are nice and warmed up and ready to party with ya’ll. Last time we played Lucky Liquor, things got a little rowdy. Here’s some video evidence. Can’t believe it’s been two years already.

So, that’s Saturday, February 17th at Lucky Liquor. Advanced tickets are $8 and we highly advise you grab some as it gets mighty cramped in there mighty fast. You can pick those up here. See you on the South End!

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