Rarities and Oddities


14 thoughts on “Rarities and Oddities

  1. These are phenomenal! Been humming your midnite choir cover since this morning. I discovered you years ago and just learned of your website! hope you come up to the northeast!

      • I concur! I prefer it to the midnite choir version! And Danny Dead sure does Help!
        Hows the new album coming along? I heard it was “More Mature” as you put it. Does that mean its darker? i could go for that!

      • Thanks, we re-recorded it during our last studio sessions but are not sure when we’ll release it. Stay tuned. As far as the new record goes, it is finished and we’re just getting the cash together to press it. I’m guessing summer or fall. There’s definitely some darkness in the record (of course) but musically it goes some places where we haven’t ventured before. Also, there’s a new version of a song from our first record. Be excited! We are!

      • It will be hanging on my wall, I swear it! If I may, i believe some of your best work was on “Woebegone”. Especially “Frank Woebegone’s Lament”. Very well written and performed.

  2. Danbert deserves all the credit for that…although we did make some arrangement suggestions. On “Frank…” I was absolutely thrilled to be singing with one of my old punk rock heroes! That is a great record though and I do agree that some our best performances are on that record. Can’t wait for you to hear the new one. We’ll post some teasers over the next few months.

  3. I’ll be checking soundcloud frequently! The other album i would say would be your best would be “Vaudeville Show” REALLY creative stories, scenarios, and music in general.

  4. Thank you, Jimmy! Not only are you a great artist, but you seem to be one hell of a guy! Thats always a great quality in a true artist! Thank you once again!

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