Mixtape #3 – One Morn I Awakened….

Mixed on the day of Nick Cave’s son Arthur’s death (hence the dedication….words of encouragement) and another sunrise on this convoluted rock we call home. The songs, a year’s worth of contradictions and contemplations, crammed into an hour, as experienced by one cultural pickpocket.

Mixtape #2 – A Trip Through Joyland

A journey through an abandoned amusement park, as inspired from pictures of Joyland in Wichita, Kansas, closed in 2006. This is a journey through time and across borders, to the Joyland that exists in all our minds. Of Joylands past, long forgotten, reclaimed by nature, carnival fossils and forgotten carnies, imprints of innocence thinly veiling a darker underbelly.

Mixtape #1 – Tippin’ On In On a Friday Night

Jimmy the Pickpocket put together this little late night mix. Meant to be enjoyed with cheap whiskey and dim lighting.